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Foundation Aspire World Expo

Always good to aspire for something big.
The 47 Flags Aspire World Expo was a power of sight for making successful partnerships and reliance between most of our exhibitors, very important partners and sponsors. This was seen as an amazing opportunity for our partners from a diversity of business genres like renewable energy, oil companies, real estate, etc. to share their ideas and projects to make this world a better place.

Aspire World Expo with 47 Flags has been one of the enormous Middle East’s Investors platform for local and International markets. It was the best place to meet and do business with top-tier investors and professional project holders from across the globe. The show was the only occurrence of its kind that allows business, awards, cultural shows, catering to sectors of real estate, banks, transport, productions, software and telecommunications, investments, entertainment, construction, healthcare, hospitality, etc. from 47 countries under one roof.

Aspire World Expo 48 Flags

It is the utmost honour for Aspire to host an event on such a big scale. The idea behind envisioning a single grand platform which invites 48 countries of the world to come together was inspired by none other than this amazing country United Arab Emirates itself on its 48th National Day. We are hoping for this event to bring together people from 48 countries, who shall use the Aspire World Expo platform as their very own stage of building new relations.

Aspire wishes to resonate the success of UAE, which has been the hub of numerous business opportunities for people from all walks of life.